Hi I'm Sam,

Lets keep this part simple shall we? Because I love simple.

Basically, I’m interested in helping you so you can help others.* That’s my motivation behind being a consultant and offering my services to small to medium enterprises. My academic background is in marketing and psychology and my professional experience includes small business, government, not-for-profit and large corporations. All good so far? Great!

What I want you to know is I like doing things better, it’s the competitive nature in me. What I like the most is being smarter with time, money and resources. This is where I turn to technology and how it can be leveraged to help us perform at our best.

Here is what I can do for you:

  1. I can help you build a quick & easy website that you can maintain yourself without needing to learn to code

  2. I can help you market your business online to others (web, video, podcast and social media content) and set you up with all the right tools and knowledge to run with it yourself.

  3. I can help you find a better way to do things in your business. Normally the answer is using better technology or better using technology.

*You see over my years of paid employment, I have found I don’t very much like working for people who aren’t contributing positively to society. So I don’t. What does this mean? It means I only help people who genuinely help other people. Doing this, makes me a happier person. And you may already know, happiness is contagious, so my plan is to walk the talk and sew the seeds that this is the (best) way we can work together as a community.

I look forward to potentially working with you. I would love to hear about your business, about the positive changes you want to make in society, and how you envision technology assisting with your job.

I prefer for my work to speak for itself, so feel free to have a browse at my case studies below or get to know me through my b-log (the b is for brave because that’s how I feel whenever I publish something).

Check out my services page to learn more about what I can help you with.